Terri is a member of All Saints Redding Chapter of Daughters of the King, All Saints Episcopal Church, Redding, California. She is currently serving as President of her chapter. Terri and her husband have 2 grown sons, and 5 Granddaughters living in Redding as well. Terri is an active grandmother, providing childcare and taxi service among other needs. Terri and her husband Joe have operated their small family logging business for 34 years. She has also served on school boards and worked on many community committees. Her family has housed many International Exchange Students through Rotary International, where Terri has also served as President. Raised in Episcopal churches across the country, but having just come back to the church after a 30 year absence, Terri says “I wasn’t looking for Daughters of the King, Daughters found me. And when they did, the voice of God was loud and clear that this is a place I belonged”. Terri is excited to help with the needs and guidance of Province VIII.