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Ane Deister, President

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Jessica Jones, Vice-President


Sandi Lanzarotta, Treasurer

Hi   I have been a Daughter for over 18 year in San Diego Diocese & am Life Time member.  I have hel

 I have been a Daughter for about 16 years and became a Life Time member during our Triennial in 2012.  I am a member of St Hilda of Whitby Chapter at St Peter’s Episcopal Church in Del Mar, California, San Diego Diocese. I have held the positions of Secretary, Treasurer and President at our Chapter and Historian & Treasurer at the Diocese level. I own a property management company and am active in our community. This is my second career, previously I was in operational finance for a health care management firm.  I love the theatre and my son who performed for 6 years in over 30 plays just landed a job with Up with People as their dance captain and will be traveling the world with them starting at the end of August. Even though my song and dance man is on the road I still volunteer at the theatre. Currently I was elected to the Board of Directors  as their Treasurer after running the costume department for about 7 years.  Little did I know when I graduated from San Diego State with a business degree in accounting & computer science all those many years ago that God would have such a diverse path for me landing here today on this special board for Province VIII. I am looking forward to serving with and for you, my sister Daughters.  

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Heather Rose, Jr Directress


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Susan Bray, Communications Chair


 St. Luke’s Episcopal Church- Prescott Arizona Diocesan Assembly of Arizona

I have recently appointed by Province VIII Board to compile the newsletter to be emailed to every Daughter and Daughter -At- Large in our 17 Diocesan Assemblies in 8 western states including Alaska and Hawaii. We need to communicate well with each other because we have so much to offer each other. I am a big believer in collaboration and discover that the best approach usually lies within our membership! 

After receiving a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Denver and a successful career in hospitality and higher education, I have continuously enjoyed my spiritual growth and varied experiences as educator, encourager, group leader, facilitator and sister in Denver, Kansas City, Houston, Aspen, Phoenix and finally Prescott, Arizona where I organized Phoebe Chapter. In the last 10 years with my leadership team the chapter has grown to more than 30 active members. 

Passionate about serving our loving God, I am excited to share my gifts and see infinite possibilities with my sisters in Province VIII.

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Carolyn Hoffmann Daughters at Large Chair



Member of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, Reno, NV: Saint Hildegard of Bingen DOK Chapter Diocesan Assembly of Nevada I live in Reno, Nevada with my husband. I am currently the Secretary-Treasurer of my chapter. This chapter was reinstated in 2016, after a lapse of some years. The chapter is currently growing, with a discernment class in progress. You can really learn a lot the second time around! We have lost members as they move to different areas across the country and sometimes join the DAL group. As job moves and retirement are current trends and can’t be helped, valuable Daughters swell the ranks of the DAL. I believe that these Daughters still cherish the community they love and have much to offer with prayer and service. It is my desire to nourish connections among the DAL, existing Chapters, the Diocese, Province and National Boards.

Born in Florida and having lived on both coasts and in the middle too, I was brought up in the Episcopal Church and been involved with other denominations, After receiving a BS in Education, I reengineered myself with a BS in Environmental Design. As a Landscape Architect registered in California, Nevada, North Carolina and Georgia, these moves and living in remote locations has made me appreciate what a DAL might face. I retired from the USDA Forest Service after 20 years in Georgia (the best job in the world) and moved to Reno. 

Spiritual developed has been my focus since retirement. I have completed the four year course of Education for Ministry, is currently a Eucharistic Minister, worked for three years feeding the homeless, has enjoyed Icon Painting, and is now totally involved with DOK and my chapter. I feel privileged to represent the Daughters at Large on the Province VIII Board. 

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