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Interested in joining our Province Leadership Team or know a Daughter you would like to see on the Board?    

General information is below along with the form to download into Word & complete to submit a nomination.

Discipleship 101 for Nominee form revised for Prov VIII (pdf)


Nominations Committee & Elected Postions (pdf)


Province VIII Nomination Form 2020 (docx)



Discipleship 101:

                                                Qualifications for Nominees to the Province VIII Board
                                                Adapted for use by the Province VIII Elected Board from the

                                                 National Council of The Order of the Daughters of the King®

 Principles of Leadership in DOK

1. DOK leadership requires leading by example, i.e. 

a. Praying, serving, and witnessing – fulfilling our vows 

b. Serving other Daughters in love – Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. I Cor. 13: 4-7 

c. Using God-given gifts and talents to glorify God and bless The Order 

d. Manifesting in some degree the fruits of the Spirit (love, joy, peace, etc.) 

2. DOK leadership requires sensitivity to God’s will as discerned through:

a. Scripture 

b. Godly counsel 

c. Intelligent assessment 

d. Inner awareness of the Holy Spirit’s direction 

In the Order’s prayer, we ask to remember “that it is Your work we are called to do” – not our own, or even the Order’s, but Christ’s.

A fully functioning Board is a gift to God. Kindly review the items below to ensure that, with God’s help, you as a nominee will be willing and able to assume the duties of a Province VIII Board Member.

As well as the spiritual component of servant leadership, a Board member is called to serve in an administrative capacity, as well as holding a fiduciary responsibility to The Order. To perform these administrative responsibilities, a Provincial Board member agrees to:

· Be able and available to travel to Board meetings and Provincial Assemblies once or twice a year. Be available for monthly Zoom conference calls with the Executive Board and the entire board as scheduled.

· Be willing to communicate in a timely manner with other Board members via telephone and email between Board meetings. 

· Be available to answer questions, consider and vote on decisions and develop strategy, and plan and implement projects associated with any chairmanship or committee role assumed on the Board. 

· Be available to communicate in a timely manner with the National Office when there are decisions that need to be made and documents created that are required to complete the business of The Order in Province VIII. 

· Be willing to accept assistance in fulfilling one’s duties, if temporarily incapacitated. 

· Be willing to step down when personal or other circumstances prohibit you from fully functioning in the position assumed.

NOTE:  This information is available for download - see top of page

Province Roles

                                                           DOK Province VIII Nominating Committee 

                                                                  & Elected Positions Information

Elected Positions:

Vice President

Daughters-at-Large Representative to Triennial

Appointed Positions include:

DAL Chair
Membership Chair
Strategic Plan Chair
Junior Directress

Bylaws regarding the Nominating Committee and Election of Officers

Section 2. Election of Officers
A. Nominating Committee. In the first quarter of the year prior to the year of the National Convention, the Provincial President shall appoint a nominating committee consisting of at least three (3) members. Each member of the nominating committee will be responsible for a different geographic area within Province VIII. 

B. Eligibility. To be eligible for nomination to a Provincial office, a Daughter must be current in her dues, have held some office in a chapter, Diocesan Assembly, or Provincial Assembly, and have been a member of The Order of the Daughters of the King® for at least three (3) years. To be eligible for the Daughters at-Large Delegate position, the Daughter must meet the qualification of a Daughter at Large, meet the above criteria* and be proposed by her Diocesan Executive committee. 

*The Nominating Committee has met and determined that the DAL Representative to Triennial does NOT need to have held an office in a chapter, diocesan assembly or provincial assembly.  

C. Nomination process. Members shall be nominated by submitting a completed application and letter of support to the nominating committee at least four months prior to the annual meeting occurring prior to the triennial National Convention meeting. 

Within one month of receiving the completed applications and support letters the nominating committee shall prepare a slate of officers. 

D. Report of Nominating Committee. The report of the nominating committee, containing its nominations for officers, shall be made available to the members at least three months before the Provincial Assembly held prior to Triennial Convention. The nominating committee shall present the slate of at least one candidate for each elected office from the qualified applicants at the Annual Meeting. In addition to the slate of officers, the nominating committee shall present at the Annual Meeting the nominees for the Daughter at-Large Delegate to National Convention (Triennial). 

E. Election. A simple majority of the votes cast by the members present at the Annual Meeting is needed to elect. If there is a tie in any of the Provincial office elections, the vote will be taken again. 

F. Vacancy. In the case of a vacancy in the office of the Provincial President, the Provincial Vice President shall fill the unexpired term. In the case of a vacancy in another elected or appointed office, the Provincial President shall appoint another eligible Daughter to fill the vacancy, subject to the approval of the Executive Committee. 

Article V-Provincial Assembly Board
Section 1. Membership and Term 

The Assembly Board shall be composed of the Executive Committee, the Diocesan Presidents, the Historian, the Junior Daughter Directress, the Daughters-at-large Chair and the Membership and Communications Chair. The three (3) year term of the Diocesan Presidents, the Historian, the Junior Daughter Directress, the Daughter-at Large Chair, and the Membership and Communications Chair will coincide with the terms of National officers. 

The Assembly Board shall meet just prior to the Annual Meeting and at other times as needed. A quorum shall be 1/3 of the Board members. 

Section 2. Duties and Responsibilities 

The Executive Committee shall be responsible for all business of the Province between Assembly Meetings. In addition: 

A. The Historian shall collect materials and keep a record of the activities in the Province, including a Provincial scrapbook for the three (3) year term of office and shall display these if possible, at the Annual Meeting. The scrapbook may be displayed in an electronic format. She shall give a report at the Annual Meeting. 

B. The Junior Directress, appointed by the Province VIII Assembly, is able to succeed herself, however she shall not exceed three full terms. A term is defined as 24 months. The Junior Daughters Directress shall promote Junior Daughters chapters in the Province. She shall work with the Diocesan Junior Daughters Chairs to supply information about Junior Daughters to interested Senior chapters. She also shall facilitate communications between Junior Daughters Chapters in the Province and coordinate any Province-wide activities or projects. She shall give a report at the Annual Meeting. 

C. The Daughters-at-Large Chairshall work with and assist the Diocesan Daughters at Large representative, in involving Daughters at Large in activities at the Diocesan level. She shall see that Daughters at Large are informed of all activities on the Provincial level. She shall give a report at the Annual Meeting. 

D. The Membership* and Communications Chair shall work collaboratively with the Provincial Assembly Board members and closely with the Provincial Board President to lead communications with the membership including the newsletter, registration flyers, and website postings. 

*The duties of the Membership Chair have been revised and are outlined at the end of this document. 

Section 3. Duties of the Officers
The duties of all officers shall be to look after the general interest of The Order in the Province. Three (3) officers constitute a quorum. In addition:  

A. The President shall represent this Provincial Assembly on the National Council and at Provincial Synod. If unable to attend a National Council meeting, it is her responsibility to appoint someone from the Province Executive Board to represent the Province at the meeting. She shall preside at all Annual Meetings of the Assembly, the Assembly Board, and the Executive Committee. She shall appoint other Board members who are not elected, the Board Advisor, all committees and committee Chairs, and shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. She shall nominate the Chaplain, subject to the approval of the Executive Board. The president shall, with the assistance of the board, promote the extension of The Order in the Province by personal visitations to provincial assemblies, instituting chapters, installing officers, and filling speaking engagements when invited by the diocesan president or her representative. She shall stay in close communication with the board and diocesan presidents by email, newsletter, personal mail or telephone. 

She may sign or endorse checks, drafts and notes in the absence of the treasurer, and shall perform such other duties as the board may direct. She shall perform all other duties pertaining to her office. The president shall with the assistance of the board promote the extension of the Order in the Province by personal visitations to provincial assemblies, instituting chapters, installing officers, and filling speaking engagements when invited by the diocesan president or her. 

B. The Vice President shall, in the absence of the President, perform all duties of the President. She shall act as coordinator of all retreats and Province assembly which includes their planning. She shall assist the Provincial President as requested by her. In case of the resignation or death of the President, the Vice President shall assume the duties of the President. 

C. The Secretary shall keep all minutes of the Annual Meeting, the Assembly Board, Executive Board and any called meetings. She shall maintain the permanent record of all past and present minutes in electronic and hard copy formats. Records of minutes over six (6) years old may be archived at the National Office. She shall perform all other duties pertaining to the office and assist the President as requested. The Secretary shall send correspondence at the direction of the President. She shall assist the President in preparing materials for the Annual Meeting. She shall perform all other duties pertaining to the office and assist the President as requested by her. 

D. The Treasurer shall collect and receive all monies for the Province and make all disbursements. She shall keep an accurate record of all receipts and disbursements in electronic accounting program and hard copy formats and make a report to each meeting of the Executive Board, the Assembly Board and at the Annual Meeting of the Assembly. Each year she shall prepare a proposed Budget and present it at the Annual Meeting for its approval. Prior to presentation to the Assembly, the proposed budget shall be presented to the Executive Board and the Assembly Board for review. The fiscal year will start Sept 1 and end Aug 31 each year. All financial records shall be reviewed and reconciled by a competent financial individual or committee within three (3) months of the National Convention. 

E. The Board Advisor shall be appointed by the President and should be a past Provincial President, or Provincial Vice President. She shall advise the President and Board on matters pertaining to The Order in the Province. The Board Advisor shall have seat and voice, but no vote. 



(may be assigned to Province Assembly Vice President)

The Province Assembly Membership Chair is concerned with all things membership and encourages the members of her province to promote growth and to help resolve concerns relating to membership.

Her responsibilities include:

· Reach out to Diocesan Assembly presidents and their Membership chairs to encourage and assist with the formation of new chapters. In dioceses where Daughters are not present or there are fewer than three chapters, the Chair may initiate contact with the Bishop, clergy and women in the parishes, offering information about The Order and how to start a chapter.

· Monitor chapters with less than three members and encourage diocesan leadership to personally contact these women and/or the clergy in charge of parish where chartered. Offer assistance in efforts to revitalize these chapters. 

· Be available by phone or email to help resolve concerns of Daughters that relate to membership. Be open to answering questions and to help provide solutions to membership issues within your dioceses and their chapters. Consult with the Province Assembly president and, if necessary, seek assistance from the National Membership chair. 

· Encourage diocesan assembly membership chairs and/or diocesan assembly presidents to promote payment of National dues and to review lists showing Daughters who are behind in the payment of their dues. Personal contact by phone is encouraged, as well of the counsel of the clergy where her chapter is located. The province membership chair should be familiar with the procedure for providing dues assistance and dues relief and educate leadership at all levels. 

· Seek assistance, as needed, from the National Membership Chair in the resolution of issues relating to membership, including payment of dues and requests for dues assistance and dues relief. The final decision on these matters will be decided by the National Membership Chair. 

Province and diocesan assembly and chapter presidents now have access to their member lists via the website. 

 NOTE:  This information is available for download - see top of page